Hi, I need to make a form that looks like this

I know I can do the form fields but wondering what I can use to style the boxes with the shading, etc. I know I can do a header block with the logos, etc. I am wondering if anyone knows of a good styling plugin.

I have version 2.5 of GF. Thanks much, Dave


Perhaps one of the below options will help you accomplish what you need.

Best wishes,


Thank you. I will check these out. I think I have found a solution in Style Pro plugin which seems to be just what the doctor ordered :blush:


Keep in mind too that what works well on paper doesn’t normally transfer perfectly to web. In most cases when we try to do those things exactly we end up creating a poor user experience. I’ve found that for something like this, a form broken up in sections is good and maybe even a couple of pages.

Copy that. I TOTALLY agree. But client wants. Until I tell them what it will cost.

I have come amazingly close and am not done yet :blush:



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