Help With User Registration and SMS Notification

I’m trying to get a user registration form to set-up so that when the new user registers, they will be notified via text message whenever a new post is made. I can get it to work by manually setting their email to (or whichever carrier they use). I created a registration form that has all the needed fields, but I’m now stuck on how to get the fields to populate in the right place for the user profile. So if they put 555-555-5555 and ATT for the provider, how do I get that to plop into the email field for that user so that they are then notified whenever there’s a new post?

Sorry if I’m not making sense here. I’d appreciate any guidance here.

Thank you!

Have you looked into AWS SNS?

You would setup a gform_after_submission hook, that pushes an API notice to AWS. Might take some research, but you can get there.

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Thanks for the reply and direction. Had some other projects pull me away from this one, but now I’m back on it. Fingers crossed I find an “easy” solution. :slight_smile:

Let me know what you find! I kinda of what to do something similar someday.

I’m not familiar with AWS SMS, but with having all fields available I’d probably auto-fill the email field through JS. To prevent getting a “given address not valid” I’d check if the number field + provider fields both are filled and if so: fill the email field.

If it’s an option though: I’d probably prefer using custom code on the backend for it. To make sure the user doesn’t have the option to adjust the email field and set their actual email address instead of the one you want to use for it.

Alternative would be push notifications for android users directly on there phone. See