Help! Price rises after clicking "next" to switch to page 2

Hey team, I have an order form that adds a bunch to the total price after a user clicks “Next” to get to page 2.

Check it out: Gravity Forms: Price increase on page 2 - YouTube

The form is here:

Is this a bug? What can I do about it? I need 2 pages, otherwise the “Preview Submission” Gravity Perk by Gravity Wiz won’t work :-/ Hope you can help me!

I did some more testing. It seems like pressing the “next” button adds up the “Apostille” selections once more. For now, I am working around the issue by putting the page break before the “Apostille” section. I’m also gonna check if turning the “Apostille” options into dropdown menus does anything.

Never mind. I guess I’ve been doing too much tweaking to this complex order system I’m trying to build. I just found out that all my calculations are broken because I renamed a few fields this morning. This whole form is so full of bugs now, I’ll just rebuild it from scratch.

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