Help please with automatically creating users on my site

The scenario is as follows :

I have a client who has a ticketing website . When a visitor to his site buys a ticket they have to create a profile first in order to purchase the ticket. I want to somehow create a user on my site as soon as they have completed the registration on his ticketing site and then send the new user an email detailing instructions on what they need to do on my site in order to gain entry into the event they just bought a ticket for.

His site is not powered by wordpress though!

Any ideas of how I can do this automatically… I am aware I can import users into my site from a CSV file using Gravity View Import Entries but can anyone suggest how to do this automatically instead of manually.

I can’t suggest any plugins since your client’s site is not Worpress. This sounds like you need some custom development to integrate his user meta data with your site.

You could post this on Upwork or Codeable

I’m not familiar with any plugins that work across different types of sites/CRMS. It sounds like an API needs to be built and integrated between these two sites.

Thank you Dere. I think you may be right. :laughing:

Hi Stephen. I don’t see where Gravity Forms would need to be involved at all. After the user has registered on the ticketing site, you could use the WordPress REST API to create a user on your site:

That would require code on the ticketing site, to use the REST API for your WordPress website.

Thank you again Chris. Great Advice.

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