Have HTML elements to fetch Wordpress page content?

I’m building a fairly complex multi-page form with Gravity Forms and by that, I need to build content to wrap it up.

My question is basically, is there any easy way to have a Gravity Forms HTML element to fetch the content of a specific Wordpress page? Or a solution with the same output. Let me explain.

On the first page of my form, I’d like a few icons, content boxes and text blocks from my Avada theme. One solution is to build that content in an Avada Wordpress page, then basically cut and paste that HTML code into the Gravity Forms HTML-element.

Whenever I would like to change the content, I redesign the page, cut and paste the code and save the form. However, with a lot of content and changes, this is time-consuming.

In other words, I’d like to build forms as I build my Avada WordPress pages. No need to say, but the form has it’s own header/footer/et cetera I only want the specific page content to open in the HTML element.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

All the best