Seeking Recommendations for a Wordpress Theme for Gravity Forms Development

Hello everyone,

I’m currently searching for a Wordpress theme that is ideally suited to Gravity Forms development.

We are in the process of developing client intake forms for our business and estate planning operations. As we progress, we envisage increasing the number of forms and incorporating various plugins to enhance overall functionality.

We want to create this on a distinct Wordpress instance so it can operate on a subdomain of our existing website. Currently, on our main site, we are using WPBakery and the Salient theme. However, for this project, we’re open to exploring different themes that could be more compatible with our objectives.

Specifically, we’re looking for a theme optimized for a site that won’t require SEO or any significant search capabilities. The primary goal of this theme should be to efficiently present various Gravity Forms to its users.

Do you have recommendations based on your experiences or expertise to suggest an appropriate theme? I look forward to your valuable suggestions.

Thank you!

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