Block Editor Form Builder

Please develop support for using the new block editor (Gutenberg) to edit forms!

I recognize this would likely be a significant undertaking, but I feel it would be helpful in many respects. We produce some pretty advanced forms in our company, and the ability to construct forms using more of a visual WYSIWYG editor would be helpful. For example, instead of using ready classes to style form controls, create columns, etc, this could be done with built-in Gutenberg layouts, and Gutenberg-native controls.

Also, the ability to nest sections would be extremely helpful for our workflow. This could be done very seamlessly in the same way that controls are nested in the block editor currently.

Some other immediate improvements would be the ability to use native wordpress and thirdparty layout elements to theme the content of the forms. Instead of using custom HTML blocks, for example, to insert content, the native heading, table, paragraph, and image blocks could be used.

Practically speaking, I envision leaving the visual and content part of a field configuration in the main content editor (such as labels and choices), but placing all the other settings in the “block settings” on the sidebar.

Here’s for a new Gravity Forms 3.0 using the block editor!

Thank you for the suggestion. I will add this as a feature request.

Here’s a basic proof of concept, although obviously I’m thinking of this being the universal form editor instead of being tied to specific pages (as with this plugin):

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