Hand out pre-generated ticketcodes

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Hopefully this is the right category for my question.

I’m looking for a GF add-on that can hand-out codes for me, some kind of ticketcode. In the best practice the plugin should generate e.g. 2000 ticketcodes (letters and numbers) and everytime some registeres trough the form, one of these codes should be send within the e-mail I have set. It is for joining an online quiz-event and the mail will be sent after a payment completion via Mollie.

The codes should be pre-generated so I can upload them into my quiz system when starting the quiz. Once I start the quiz (30m for beginning) I cant upload more codes. Therefore when i have the pregenerated codes available I can start the quiz with those codes and GF can still hand out these codes even when the quiz has started.

Please let me know if the user-case isn’t clear enough, where I can find this funcionality or who can help me with this.

Thx in advance and all the best!

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Bouke Koning

Hi Bouke,

I don’t know of a plugin that will pre-generate codes like you want, but perhaps you can use the Gravity Forms Unique ID Perk from Gravity Wiz (they call their add-ons Perks).

It generates unique IDs (or codes) on the fly, but if you set it to generate them consequentially you will already know which codes there will be and you can then upload them in advance to your quiz system. You can pre-determine a prefix and/or suffix to make the codes look less like ordinary numbers.

If you want to limit the number of codes that can be generated you can use the GP Limit Submissions Perk.

You need a subscription to Gravity Wiz, but if you have a look at everything they have to offer I think you might agree that it would be worth it in the long run.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Phil,
Thnx for your response. I am already using this plugin now for creating the ticketcodes. I’m afraid consequentially use isn’t convenient, because some could fraud on that. They know what type of codes is sells, when he buyes another code he finds out the order of the codes. With that knowledge you can easily try and get access.
Perhaps there will be more ideas to achieve this… Thnx many times!


Hi Bouke,

No problem, sorry I couldn’t help! I’ll keep thinking and let you know if something comes up.


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