Lottery or Number generator

Hi, I would like to build a simple payment form that allows customers to buy tickets into a prize draw using Stripe and emails them their tickets.
Is this possible?
Many Thanks

Hi Jennifer. It sounds like your ticket would need to be a unique ID, which brings this to mind immediately:

However, if you don’t need anything that complex, each entry gets a unique ID (they are sequential and not complex, starting with #1) and then you could create a drawing with all the entries for a specific form using a site like this (or whatever other method you wanted for the drawing):

Hi Chris, Thanks so much for replying, you’ve been so helpful. I’m going to look into this now, (big learning curve for me!)

Thanks again, and have a great day.


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Do you need to allow people to buy tickets in volume discounts (1 for $2, 3 for $5, 7 for $10, etc.)?
I had to implement something like that a while ago and having the # of tickets as a field was great until I went to export. As I didn’t have N rows in the export I had a bunch of excel manipulation to do to get the correct # of entries to put into a randomizer like Chris linked to. If I were doing a similar project again, I’d look at Gravity Flow Form Connector to have the initial form submission with a series of create entry steps in its’ workflow with conditional logic to ensure the right # of entries are available for export.

Good luck (to you and the prize winners :P)

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Hi Jamie, I don’t need that functionality at the moment – all the tickets are £1 and people can buy up to 100 of them. However, I may need this functionality in a future version – so thank you for the heads up.