Gravityforms Issue Sending To Email

Hi, pretty frustrated with the lack of support from Gravityforms. Submitted a ticket 3 days ago with no response yet.

I have 3 forms on the site. One for scheduling a free lesson, the other is on my contact page and the last on is for a simple email submission to request music.

I am hosted with Flywheel and they found that when the captcha is activated that the forms are dead and will not send. There was a error that kept coming up when the captcha would attempt to be enabled.

We were on v2 at that point. The only way all 3 forms on my site could send is with the captcha disabled.

A developer looked at it and switched to v3. Now the free lesson form and contact form completed to my email but the tab submissions do not. They are in the dashboard of Wordpress but not making it to my email…why?

I believe he has the captcha active on v3. How do I disable the captcha and what danger is there in doing so?

Thanks, Jeff

Jeff, Don’t disable the captcha else you might get flooded with SPAM messages.

Did you generate the Google captcha keys for V2 or V3 ?
Because V2 key won’t work on V3 and vice versa

Closing because this was resolved via support ticket.