Multiple clients having issues with forms not submitting when using Invisible Captcha's newest release

I’ve had multiple clients with completely different website structures have forms not submit (nothing happens when you click submit and then you go to Chrome error console and see an error regarding captcha). This seems like something that has just come about with the newest release of Gravity Forms and of course is a huge issue for us with a ton of clients either using invisible or not captchas. Any idea what’s going on? For now, I’ve removed Captcha from the forms and they work.

The error in the console is - An invalid form control with name=‘g-recaptcha-response’ is not focusable.

You can see it in action here - Test - Indiana Real Estate Institute

Hello. The issue is usually due to caching or a theme or plugin conflict. I recommend clearing any cache or CDN and then disabling that functionality while troubleshooting. If you test the form with the CAPTCHA with caching disabled and it works, you’ve found a problem. You can exclude pages manually in your caching solution (on the web or hosting control panel, or via a plugin) or you can use one of these two free solutions that are targetted specifically toward Gravity Forms:


If disabling caching and CDN did not help, the next step in troubleshooting is a conflict test. You can use these steps:

Let us know what you find. Thank you.

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