Forms won't Send after upgrade to Gravity Forms

Is anyone else having issues with their forms not submitting after the upgrade to the latest gravity forms version (

I think there is a conflict with a plugin as my other sites that have been upgraded aren’t experiencing this issue.

Let me know if anyone else is having this issue and if you were able to resolve it. If my troubleshooting returns a solution I will post it here. Thank you.

Happy to report that I discovered the plugin conflict.

It has to do with W3 Total Cache.

Even though I cleared the cache multiple times (no server side caching) the issue (unable to send/submit forms - the send button is clicked but no action appears to be performed).

As soon as I disabled the plugin, the forms started operating normally again.

Should I report this to the Gravity Forms support team or W3 Total Cache plugin developers?

For now, I’m just gonna leave the plugin deactivated. Thank you to anyone for viewing this post. Hope it helps someone else.

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Please report that to the support for W3TC rather than Gravity Forms. Thank you.


Yes I have this issue - it appears some users (approx 50% cannot submit a form).

BUT I don’t have w3 cache installed… Think this version of gravity forms is a bit broken. Looks like i installed the same day as you on the same version…

Hello jtpr. I recommend opening a support ticket if you are having issues. We treat each report individually, as they are all different and unique:

Thank you.

Hello @jtpr

If you are using Google reCaptcha on your form(s) you would want to make sure you have the captcha Badge Position set to “Inline” and not as a “Bottom (left/right)” on the Captcha form field. Personally, I’m using Google reCaptcha v3 with Type set to “Invisible” in Gravity Forms Settings.

I discovered that the reCaptcha would flag some users but not appear so that they could verify. Only when it was set to the Inline Badge Position would it appear and allow them to verify. Maybe conflict with activated theme? In any case, this worked for me and I find it satisfactory.

Hope this helps! Let me know. Thank you.

I reported it - waiting to hear back.

@jtpr if convenient and you have an opportunity, please post what you find out here. Might help others. No obligation, thank you jtpr!