GravityForm URL to reside on external website [RESOLVED]

I have created a gravity form to be used on a couple of our websites. Is it possible to get a URL and post in on the page of another of our websites? The other website was built on Volusion and we won’t be updating it for a bit, but want to manage all our form data from our main site. I tried copying the URL from the backend, but when I put on the other site it tries to make me sign in. Sorry, I am not a developer and am piecing all this together.

Gravity Forms does not really work like that. But if you embed the form in a page on your WordPress website, you can include that page in another site using an iframe. This is not Gravity Forms functionality but it is possible and will collect all the leads on one site (the WordPress site.)

Here is a nice post describing how to accomplish that:

Thank you!!!

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