Embed form on another website


We’re still waiting for the “embed form on another website” feature. Any update about this?

Our idea was to get dynamically the json export of the form and then rebuild the form of the child website from scratch using that json, but that’s very complicated. We have to avoid iframes.

Another idea?

You want to create a form on one site, and use that form on multiple sites (each site has Gravity Forms on it)? Or something different?

Right, but managing everything (fields, settings) from the first website. Not a basic export/import JSON config.

Got it. Take a look at Gravity Hopper and their “Network Hub”. I believe it allows you to do that:

Very interesting thanks but that’s not a real “external embed” as the entries have to be manually sync as of form settings accross a multisite network only. But that’s really useful for other projects.

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