Gravity Hopper Plugins

Does anyone have any experience with this plugin? Seems like it offers a lot of value.


Being the developer, I am admittedly biased – but do agree that it offers a good amount of value.

Of late, it’s been especially invaluable to me when inspecting and troubleshooting forms.

I’m continuing to refine the existing modules and explore options for additional modules and enhancements that can improve the form building experience. Happy to answer any specific questions you might have. (DM if you’d like)

Even as the developer, I’m also curious to know and eager to hear what experience others may have with it – so I hope my being first to respond doesn’t dissuade others from replying.

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Not seeing the value here.

The website has no documentation and makes it nearly impossible to discern exactly what it does. There’s just that video on the home page, and I hate watching videos. I want to read, study, and understand.

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Not sure if there is no value with this plugin, or if its value not presented in an easily understandable way.

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