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I guess that I am sort of wanting to vent but also warn others. I have now had three plugins that I bought on Envato / CodeCanyon disappear from the site. In each case, I reviewed the plugin’s features, asked any needed pre-sales questions, and read the reviews. All seemed fine. I then bought the plugin, which includes support, and started using each one on a client site.

I am sick of this happening. It’s a lousy feeling when you start using a plugin and your users become accustomed to its functionality only to find it has completely vanished when you need support or go looking for an update. I’m not really sure what the hell is going on over there or if the problem is specific to plugins related to Gravity Forms, but I would recommend that anyone reading this steer clear of that place. It’s a real shame since each of the three plugins I bought there were pretty darn good before Envato / plugin authors turned into the Phantom of the Opera. Not cool. Beware!

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Just wanted to name these plugins in case it helps anyone else:

  1. Gravity Forms File Upload Enhance UI
  2. Gravity Forms Advanced Calculations
  3. Gravity Forms SMS Pro

Screenshots attached.

I’ll add to that list (for different reasons, but still beware):

Thanks for the heads up verysiberian. I appreciate you listing these plugins here.

My list fortunately only has one:
Slim Image Cropper for Gravity Forms, Photo Uploading and Cropping Plugin | Forms
The author has made steps to support users who have have purchased it though, which is good to know:

For anyone wanting a similar tool, I’ll give a whole-hearted shoutout to GravityWiz’s Gravity Perks. Their support is absolutely phenomenal, and they’ve got a file uploader perk that is top-notch: Gravity Forms File Upload Pro - Gravity Wiz

Image Hopper also picked up the mantle of Slim Image Cropper and released an add-on which is top notch as well:

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