Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On "Update User"

I’m using User Registration Add-On and doing "Update User"
Using ACF for custom fields. I have these 2 email fields being populated using the meta-keys for those fields, and they are a part of the User’s meta.

Now, the problem is:
#1 - If you look at the image, when this user updates his profile, while NOT even editing his Zelle email and clicking Update Profile, the form errors
This field requires a unique entry and ‘’ has already been used

I have this field set to no duplicates because I don’t want the user to use an email that may be identical to another user’s email.
But the form is not recognizing that THIS email belongs to the current user, he has not changed it, so why won’t it allow to save?

Conversely, the PayPal email I have the duplicate setting UNchecked, but ideally I dont want that because what if this User changes his/her paypal email to another user’s paypal email?
Obviously the odds on that happening are really slim, but I don’t want to allow this based on future development that may call for unique PayPal or Zelle emails.

So my issue is why does User Registration Add-On “Update User” allow me to populate the user’s meta, BUT then not allow the form to process with unedited data? Yes, I have no duplicates set, but the no duplicate should allow this CURRENT user to save the field data even though it’s already present.