Update User Not Saving Meta [RESOLVED]

On a new form of mine via the user registration tab, it will not let me save the user meta field. It keeps updating without saving the meta key and field. Additionally, I am now seeing a custom key field now, on another form it does not have this field.

What is going on? I need this to work properly. Also seeing a {button} tag on the right of the field to specify which field I want mapped to the user meta. Is this a bug?

This isn’t happening on my other form which also updates the user.

Hi Dere. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue. With an Elite license, your ticket will receive Priority Support:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for responding. I no longer as of now have support. This is why I am reaching out on the community. I’d like it if you guys took a look into this regardless because it’s very strange behavior and for something that probably shouldn’t be happening with such I’m sure an important and popular add-on such as the user registration add-on.

But if no further help perhaps I will continue crossing my fingers someone else has seen this.

I did reply to your ticket with some suggestions. My recommendation is to renew your license or purchase a new one if you want to continue using the User Registration Add-On. Your version requires an update.

:grinning: Everything is working now!

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