Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On - styling the members only content message / page [RESOLVED]

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I’m using the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-on on a Beaver Builder website. I’ve restricted a page to members only, but the page looks really ugly. Unauthorised Content – PARAS.

I’d like to know if there are any options for me to design the content area on this page and make it look better / more in keeping with the rest of the site?

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Hi Tom. Do you mean what people see when they are not authorized to see the page? This view:

If that is what you mean, is this message in your Form Restrictions under “Require user to be logged in?”

Or is that message coming from some other restriction limiting access to that page?

Hi Chris - yes, the page as per your first screenshot.

I was initially using the Memberpress ‘Members’ free app, but I had an email from Gravity yesterday saying this was a Members / Memberpress issue and I should ask their support instead. I ended up purchasing the Memberpress plugin to forward non logged in users to another page. However, it’s quite expensive and I have 14 days to get a refund, so if you have another solution, I’d be really interested in it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Tom. You can use your own HTML in the “Form Restrictions” Require Login Message to style that however you like.

<div style="height:400px; width:60%;">
  <h1 style="margin-top:180px;">YOU MUST LOG IN FIRST!</h1>

Thanks for this Chris - That’s pretty much solved my ticket.

Thanks again


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