Gravity User Registration Form with Drip Newsletter Add-On - Subscriber added in Drip as unsubscribed and tag not added


We are using Gravity Forms with User Registration Addon and the Gravity Forms Drip Add-On Plugin.

Bug Scenario:
User tries to submit form but has not filled in all ‘required’ fields.
User then fills in required fields after seeing validation messages.
User submits form again.
If user opted into receiving Drip newsletters, then the subscriber lands in Drip showing as UNSUBSCRIBED
Also the tag ‘Potential Investor’ doesn’t get added to their entry in Drip.

See screenshot…

Here is a walkthrough video of the bug:
Vidyard Recording?

Also the speed of submitting the form is very slow and has even timed out before now as the ‘operation was taking too long’

Would really appreciate your urgent attention as we are unable to go live with our website until this is fixed.

Thank you,


Hi Karen. We do not have an integration for Drip. If you are using a plugin to send your form data to Drip, please contact that plugin’s author or support.

If you are using custom code to send the information to Drip, please share with us how you are doing this. Thank you.

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