Zappier on New User Registration lacks User Id

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Has anyone been able to successfully build a zap to connect gravity forms with MemberPress? I have created a form that registers a new user and includes a stripe payment. I am looking to create a MemberPress subscription from the submitted form. Zappier can accomplish this however the form sent to Zappier has the field “CreatedBy” with a blank value. (This filed normally has the user id).

Am I missing something here? Do I need to add some custom PHP code to fix this? Any help would be much appreciated!


In most cases add-on feeds run independent of each other concurrently, so there is no guarantee that your User Registration feed is going to run prior to the Zapier feed running. There is also no built in way to configure the order of feeds in this case, so you’d need to do some custom coding.

One thing you could try doing is using the gform_is_delay_pre_process_feed hook to delay the Zapier feed and then trigger it to run once the user has been registered by the User Registration add-on.

There are two examples in the docs on how to do this, but with the Mailchimp add-on that could be adapted to work with the Zapier add-on. You should theoretically be able to replace any instance of mailchimp with zapier:

Another option could be using Gravity Flow to set up a workflow for the form that first triggers a User Registration step, and then a Zapier step.

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Thank you for these ideas! I am going to try them out!

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