Integrating Gravity Form with Drip

I’ve already integrated Drip but now I am having an issue with the Drip field section specifically the Subscriber email the drop down doesn’t display any options and only displays Select a field. Did I miss a step somewhere? I’ve already been in contact with the Drip but they could help so I’m turning to Gravity Form to resolve the issue. It could possibly be something that has to do with the configuration but then I’m not sure. Anything would help thanks!

We can’t really help troubleshoot the issue with a 3rd party plugin, however, if nothing appears in the dropdown for the email address, chances are you did not use an Email field from the Advanced Fields section of the builder. If you used a single line text field, that won’t show up in the dropdown (at least, it does not in our add-ons - I assume this works in the same way.)