Gravity forms to create a classified advertising section on my website?

I’ve been using an open source database to run a classified ad section on my website. Unfortunately that project is being abandoned and I need a new engine to run this – I’m hoping Gravity Forms might be my answer.

Can someone point me in the right direction? I apologize in advance for the general nature of this request.

Gravity would be a great engine for this. I’d strongly recommend looking at GravityView for the layout and search options of the classified ads, and Gravity Flow for performing any approvals and edit cycles related to the ad posting, especially where you might want payments to occur after approval.

Creating a separate form to capture interest/offers on the ads (using the Gravity Forms shortcode inside a GravityView custom field) which then uses its’ own workflow for buyer/seller to negotiate would be a slick setup.



Thanks Jamie – I’ll check into this.

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