Gravity forms Stripe credit card payment looks complete... but it isn't!

Hello! We are using Stripe for payments on our Gravity Forms form inside WordPress. When a customer fills out their form with a credit card, passes the “I’m not a robot question” and pushes submit, it prompts the Confirmation message as if it is complete. However on the Stripe side it shows the transaction is incomplete.

I contacted Stripe and they looked at the transactions and that the “capture method” needs to change from “manual” to “automatic” that it should remedy the issue.

I have done some searching but cannot figure out how to do this.

Do you know if I can make this change myself inside of WordPress? We have a charity event that has a registration deadline of Sunday so this is terrible timing! Jo

The information provided by Stripe support is not correct, seeing the add-on using “manual” for capture_method in the PaymentIntent is expected. The add-on handles the capture in another request.

In any case, we would need to see what’s logged during the submission of your form. You will want to enable logging, replicate the issue and create a support ticket including your system report. Make sure to keep logging enabled until you’re done with the assistance.

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