Stripe Not Recording Payment after Gravity Forms says it was processed correctly

On my client’s website, payments have not been going to stripe after the Gravity form says it was successfully processed.

I’m sure the payment was not sent to stripe because stripe needed to be re-authorized using their new method - unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of this, and my client didn’t know to pass along the email when they were notified. They JUST noticed none of the payments were showing up in their bank account. The website is used to collect HOA membership fees.

My question is: WHY would gravity forms allow the form to be submitted successfully if the payment wasn’t processed correctly?

Has anyone experienced this? Is my only recourse to have my client ask their members to resubmit payment?

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It depends on how the form was set up.

At this point though, now that you have determined the cause of the issue and resolved that, you will need to contact those members to submit payment again. Gravity Forms does not store any of the credit card information, so you won’t be able to run the charges again without input from the members.

I was afraid of that.

What would be the correct way to set it up? I’d hate for this to happen again.

It would be best to open a support ticket for something as critical as payment processing:

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