Gravity Forms not working on WP Engine Staging [RESOLVED]


I’m unable to get Gravity Forms to work on WP Engine Staging sites. Everything works fine on Production but when I attempt to submit forms on a WP Engine Staging site I get an error on the page saying, “There was a problem with your submission. Please review the fields below.” There are no fields highlighted on the page.

This is what the log file looks like on Staging when I attempt to submit a form.

2023-04-04 10:11:58.745143 - DEBUG → GFFormDisplay::process_form(): Starting to process form (#17) submission.
2023-04-04 10:11:58.746615 - DEBUG → GFFormDisplay::process_form(): Source page number: 1. Target page number: 0.
2023-04-04 10:11:58.746700 - DEBUG → GFFormDisplay::validate(): Starting for form #17.
2023-04-04 10:11:58.746741 - DEBUG → GFFormDisplay::validate(): Executing functions hooked to gform_pre_validation.
2023-04-04 10:11:58.746881 - DEBUG → GFFormDisplay::validate(): Completed gform_pre_validation.
2023-04-04 10:11:58.746916 - DEBUG → GFFormDisplay::validate(): Checking restrictions.
2023-04-04 10:11:58.747298 - DEBUG → GFFormDisplay::validate(): Completed restrictions. Starting field validation.
2023-04-04 10:11:58.749238 - DEBUG → GFFormDisplay::validate(): Field validation completed in 0.001865 seconds.
2023-04-04 10:11:58.749314 - DEBUG → GFFormDisplay::validate(): Executing functions hooked to gform_validation.
2023-04-04 10:11:58.809619 - DEBUG → GFFormDisplay::validate(): Completed gform_validation.
2023-04-04 10:11:58.809704 - DEBUG → GFFormDisplay::process_form(): After validation. Is submission valid? No.
2023-04-04 10:11:58.809767 - DEBUG → GFFormDisplay::process_form(): Processing completed in 0.065053 seconds.

Anyone have any ideas how to get Gravity Forms to work on a WP Engine Staging site?

I use Gravity Forms on WP Engine staging without an issue. Is your staging site locked down with a password? Or are you using reCAPTCHA where the keys need to be changed for a different domain?

Thank you Chris! This resolved the issue. I was using reCAPTCHA and I needed to add the Staging domain.

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