Staging Sites and Gravity Forms [RESOLVED]

I have a staging site and a live site for one of the sites I manage. The site includes a number of Gravity Forms. I realized when I push my staging copy live, it deletes the new Gravity Forms entries on the live site. Is there a way to maintain a staging site without losing new entries on the live site? (I use the Siteground staging tool in case that matters.)

I recommend checking with Siteground to see if their tool can accommodate that. It’s all up to their tool.

When I use the WP Engine staging site, I’ll make a copy of the live site and use that as staging. Then make the changes at staging to test them out. If that takes a while, there will likely be new entries at the live site, so you can’t copy staging over to live. In that case you’ll need to make the same changes at the live site that you just made at staging.

If you’re quick with the changes at staging, and there are no new entries st the live site ( no content or entries ) then you can copy staging to live without losing anything at the live site.

Maybe the Siteground tool has a way to sync just certain tables, and you can skip overwriting the entry tables at the live site?


Thanks Chris! I did check with Siteground and they do have a way to sync just certain tables! I excluded all of the tables that included “gf_entry” in their title and it worked!

Good deal. Thanks for the update!