Help with staging and deleted entries!

Hi there, I created a staging area for the site and deleted a bunch of forms and data entries. I then pushed the site live.
Now when I look at my Gravity Form data entries via the site, they are also no longer there, as intended. However when I look at Disk usage in my Cpanel, I still show a lot of data stored under …/wp-content/uploads/gravity_forms and nothing seems to have changed. Somehow the files did not get deleted but the entries no longer show on the newly updated site.

What do I do now? How do I delete old entries now that they are no longer there?
Any help is much appreciated

If you delete an entry from the Gravity Forms admin interface, Gravity Forms takes care of deleting associated files from your site. In this case from your staging site.

If you just pushed the database changes to production, it’s expected to still see the files in your production site. As you’re just altering the database directly, without using the Gravity Forms interface, it’s not possible for Gravity Forms to handle deletion of files. If the staging solution that you’re using allows you to sync files, you may try that (make sure create a full site backup first). Otherwise, you would need to delete files on your own, using a FTP client.

Got it- thanks!