Past Entry Data is Gone

I have a gravity form that has entries from years past. The photo upload wasn’t working on the form anymore, so I replaced it with the current version of the photo uploader. However, now all of the past entries are not showing the photo. I see all of the photos in my website files, but have no way of pairing them to which entry they’re with. Is there a way to retrieve this info?

Hi Miranda. When you added a new field for photo uploads, did you remove the old field? If you did, removal of the field removes the data from the database as well. The files should not be deleted until the complete entry is deleted.

If that is what you did (removed a file upload field) the only method to retrieve that data from the database will be from a database backup from before the time when the file upload field was deleted and replaced with a new type of field.

I recommend contacting your web host for assistance recovering the data from your database backup. Thank you.

Hi Miranda. When you wrote that, I was wondering how that was possible (but I assumed you found the files on your server.) Normally, when a field is deleted, the data is deleted with it as well, including uploaded files. If you deleted the field and the files are gone as well, your best bet will be to restore the files and the data (in the database) from a backup. If the files are still present on the server somehow, and you just need to restore the field so you have a reference to those files, then my earlier advice about restoring the database to a version before you deleted the field is still good.

If you need more assistance than I provided in the forums, you can also open a support ticket for more advice: Log In ‹ Gravity Forms — WordPress

Thank you.

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