Restore entries from backup


By mistake, I permanently deleted the entries of one of my forms, but I have several backups of my database. Do you know a way to restore the entries in the form as they were before?

Thank you

There’s no way to use a database backup from Gravity Forms side of things. If you’re ok restoring all the entries of your installation (not only the form affected) you could use phpmyadmin or any other similar tool your host provide for database operations, to replace existing wp_gf_entry, wp_gf_entry_meta and wp_gf_entry_notes tables with the ones from your backup.

If that’s not an option for you, I would recommend you to ask your host support for help to craft a backup file containing only the entries for the form affected. You can find the full database structure explained here: Database Structure - Gravity Forms Documentation

In any case, before doing any changes to the database, make sure to create a full database backup first, just in case.

If the full table import isn’t an option - but maintaining entry ID parity in the clean-up isn’t a concern, perhaps you could import the full backup to a local environment and then use GravityView’s Import Entries plugin to get just the ones you need in with a little mapping effort. Ensuring to turn off notifications or other feeds that might “re-notify” users during the clean-up processing.

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