Gravity Forms Google Analytics Add-On not working as expected

I have used the Gravity Forms Google Analytics Add-On to create a new goal. This is how the goal looks in Gravity Forms - Screenshot. This is how the goal looks in Google Analytics - Screenshot.

  • The Label field in Google Analytics is blank.

  • I also don’t understand why the Category and Action fields are using the “Begins with” setting instead of “Equals to”

This is a problem with all goals that have been set up.

Hi Zachary. Because the Google Analytics Add-On is still new, I’d like you to open a support ticket with those questions, here:

Thank you.

I already did.

Can you please get someone to reply to my support ticket?

I understand that after a delay on our end, you received a reply to your support ticket. Our support response was delayed due to several of our staff at WCEU, and the weekend hours. If you need additional assistance, please reply to the support ticket reply you received from us. Thank you.