Gravity Forms File Upload Issue. Files are Renamed Breaking Links

I have a form which uploads an htm/html file. This file is then renamed (usually after 24 hours) which causes an error 404 to occur. I then have to manually rename all the uploaded files.


Uploaded File: 20190916a.htm
Gets Renamed to: 20190916a.htm.549685.bak

Has anyone encountered such an issue? I am currently hosted with HostGator and think that their security software is incorrectly identifying these htm files (which contain scripts) as malicious (which they are not) and is auto renaming them. That is, unless GravityForms has a cron job which causes this renaming issue.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

There is a Gravity Forms cron job that performs cleanup operations. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue:

Doing now, thank you sir.