Gravity Forms Adding Roboto

I am noticing on one of my sites that Gravity Forms is loading Roboto. I think it is triggered by recaptcha. Disabling CSS in the setting stops the font from loading but I think there should be a way to stop the font entirely. Am I missing something?

Can you share a link to the page on your site where you are seeing this issue? Thank you.

Thanks Chris.

I just check again and the only font that should be present is Arimo which I load via inline CSS.

Hello. I do not see Roboto in the source of that page. Can you show me on the page, or in the source of the page, where that is being used? Thank you.

I can’t find it either - however:

If on if I remove the gravity form that is in the footer right below the text “Sign Up For News and Insights on HR, Change Management and Strategies.” and run it through Google Pagespeed Insights, I jump to a 83 mobile speed and I pass the “Ensure text remains visible during webfont load” test. If I have the form in the footer, I get the following, with three links for Roboto like these

Further information. I left the form in place but temporarily removed the recaptcha. Roboto is no longer present when I do that.

Google includes Roboto when using the Invisible CAPTCHA on the page. Gravity Forms does not have any control over that.

Yup. That’s what it looks like to me as well. Thanks for your help but it looks like my problem is with Google.

I think so. If you find out anything.

I did find this which refers to Google Maps API and Roboto, and how to prevent that from loading. Maybe something similar could be done for the Invisible CAPTCHA: