Gravity Forms 2.7 | "Sales" Submenu Appears Twice

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Upon installing Gravity Forms 2.7, we noticed the “Sales” submenu (backend, under “Results”) appears twice. Both submenus display the same information. Code bug?

Details: Screenshot by Lightshot

Need assistance to fix this.

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The Sales tabs are delineated according to payment gateway. Thus, on this form, it will be that you have multiple payment gateway feeds configured. This way of reporting sales data per payment gateway was also in place prior to v2.7.

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for the quick reply.

That might explain it. We’re using both PayPal and Stripe. However, since each submenu does not provide a “header” distinguishing both payment gateways, perhaps you guys can add this to your code and/or simply use one Sales submenu with an update to your table showing a new column titled, “Payment Gateway” (or similar).

Currently, the duplication is causing confusion.

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The best place to submit product feedback and suggestions is via the submit idea form on the roadmap page. Those submissions go directly to the product management team.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the reference. We’ll do it next time. Extremely busy now.

For now, if you don’t mind, please consider my previous reply as official feedback for Gravity Forms 2.7 and/or kindly add it to your feedback list for us.


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