Gravity Forms 2.7 | Multisite subsites ignoring GF_LICENSE_KEY

Hi folks!

We have a multisite that updated to 2.7, and now anytime we go into any of the forms on any subsite, we get the “Welcome to Gravity Forms” workflow that locks us out from making any updates to the forms (the new welcome flow looks awesome, btw).

When I close the welcome flow, I can see for an instant that my license is active in the settings. However, I am promptly redirected to the dashboard.

We have GF_LICENSE_KEY installed in wp-config.php. Is this an expected behavior to no longer accept the pre-installed license key, or is something else amiss?

Anyone else having this issue?


Hello. The product team has an open issue for this. Please submit a support ticket so we can associate your information with the ticket and notify you when there is a resolution. Thank you.

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Thanks Chris!

For anyone landing here, please note that Gravity Forms 2.7.1 includes a fix for this.

If you’re still encountering an issue after having confirmed that version (or newer) is running, then you’ll need to remove the license from the primary site at Forms → Settings, save the settings, and then reconnect the primary site with the active license. After doing so, all network sites should no longer display the install wizard.