Gravity form submissions on mac go to spam

Hi team, anyone here any experience with mac submissions on laptops and iphones failing to process the form and or treating the submission as spam?, all gf form submissions off mac are failing and especially when I interact with Square.

Hey Charles,

The form submission does not depend on the operating system (OS), and obviously, the submission should not go to spam when only submitted from macOS.

It is possible that the problem you are experiencing with sending emails is due to an issue with your email or hosting server. To resolve this, you can consider using third-party solutions like SendGrid or SendInBlue.

To further assist you, I recommend checking out the following article:

Additionally, you may find this plugin helpful:

We have also been informed that Gravity Forms will be introducing its own SMTP solution. For more information:

Give it a try, and let me know how that goes! :smile:

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