Gravity Form not showing on mobile - Avada [RESOLVED]

Hey There,

I have a problem with using gravity forms.
As long as we*re looking at the Desktop Page, the Form is visible and perfectly usable. On Mobile on the other hand, the form just disappears and is not visible anymore.

I was not able to find any information on this for the Avada Theme.
Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Hi Arne,

We’re using Avada as well. Gravity Forms (latest version, 2.7.1) is working for us on all devices (both mobile and desktop).

Did you perform a plugin conflict check? Did you dequeue assets (i.e., JS or CSS files) that could be causing your issue?


I was somehow able to resolve the problem.

There were 2 Containers for the contact form on the page: one for desktop and one for mobile. In both of these containers, the contact form was implemented. After i deleted one of the containers and made the other one fit for mobile, the problem was solved.

Hi Arne. You can’t embed a form more than once on the same page. The duplicate element IDs create a problem. That is likely what was happening to you. If you need anything else, please start a new topic. Thank you.