Forms not visible [RESOLVED]


found that most of the forms on a site I work for are not visible anymore.

Debug gives warning lot of “[DOM] Found 2 elements with non-unique id”.

I`m a bit confused, can anybody help?

Hello. That can happen if you try to use the same form on one page, even if in a modal or a tabbed interface. Multiple forms with the same ID won’t work because the IDs on a page for all elements need to be unique. Is that the issue?


We have the same issue on our testing site. And we don’t have the DOM duplicates in the debugger.

The form is only one time included on the page and no other forms are loaded.

Hello Chris,

thanks for being that fast. Yes, that seems to be the issue.
Will make a completely new form.

Thanks and regards,


For me it was a additional plugin that was causing the issue.


can you tell me which plugin was causing the issue? Its happened an forms with the conditional logic on my site.



I had Gravity Forms: Multiple Form Instances Add On installed. After deactivating this my issue was solved. My forms are now shown correctly with conditional logic.

Make sure that you don’t embed the same form twice on a page. For example we show a get in touch fly out form on each page. But on the main contact page we don’t , because otherwise you include the same form twice a a page and then one of the two form’s doesn’t shows.

It`s me again,

to be clear: no, there is only one form on a single site, and it happens when conditional logic is active on some fields. If I deactivate the logic, the form is displayed. So I`m searching on…


that seems not the problem to be, it depends on the conditional logic fields.
So I`ll searching on

Hello Chris,

to let you know: it was an old script in the functions that leads to this.
So everythin works fine after deleting that script.

Thank you all!

Thank you for the update.