gform_Webhooks to SOAP Envelope

We have Gravity forms Elite Package and Webhooks addon. But it allows to export data after submission only in json or form format but i want to post to a legacy ERP with SOAP envelope.
So how can i submit it as a SOAP Enevleope after submission ? Please help.
I am using webhooks addon.

Hello, Is it possible to use FORM format as a soap envelope to post data submitted in form entries to a third party SOAP API ?

SOAP envelope is not supported by the add-on out of the box. You will need to use the Webhooks filters to adapt the request using your own custom PHP code.

The following filter gives you access to the data submitted in $entry and allows you to modify the data sent in the request:

You can find the other filters for this add-on here: Webhooks Filters Archives - Gravity Forms Documentation

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