GF Zapier addon v4 only sends sample data to Zapier [RESOLVED]

I’m running into an issue with the Zapier addon ever since the v4 release. Zaps created before v4 of the addon are still working.

  1. In Zapier it will only load sample data from the Gravity Form.

  2. Because it only loads sample data, the file upload field always returns “”.

  3. The zap step to upload the file to Google Drive fails the test because there is no file to upload since it can only see sample data with the fake URL instead of a file from a real form submission.

  4. Since the above upload fails, I can’t save the Drive URL to a field in Salesforce.

The rest of the sample data has been okay to get around since it’s just text, but the file upload is crucial as this is for job applications.

Is there a way to get around this so I can get real form data passed from GF to Zapier in the test trigger?

Hello. Please see our documentation here:

Thanks so much Chris! I was able to load real form entry in Zapier and everything is working now.

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