Gravity form + Google sheet + Google drive

Hi guys, I’m new to the forum and I’m going to start using this plugin,

Guys, do you know if it is possible to create and integrate a user registration form that has the typical fields such as name, email etc and also includes the possibility of uploading 5 files and that these data (name, email etc) go to a google drive sheet and that the uploaded files are saved in a drive folder?

Thanks everyone, I’m new to the forum

Hi Paolo. Welcome! You can do that with our User Registration Add-On. And if you have that, you will have access to the Zapier Add-On which can be used to send files to Google Drive, and whatever else you like to a Google Sheet.

User Registration Add-On:

Zapier Add-On:

Google Drive Zap (Zapier):

Google Sheets Zap ( Zapier):

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

first to thank you for taking the time to answer me, for me it is important.

I have seen that you are an expert, could you please know if it is possible to do this with a zap:

As soon as the row is filled in the google sheet home, is it possible to send that row by email to the email that the person who filled in the form put in?

That is, I put an example:

Maria filled out the form and the following happens:

1.- The data goes to a row of googl sheet with the zaap
2.- The images go to a google sheet folder with the zaap

BUT, WOULD IT BE possible that she in turn received by email the data that she filled in (the data that is in the row of google sheet through the zap) in the form?

For me it would be important since in google sheet I would put a formula so that it automatically has its ID, I would do it with the consecutive formula so automatically when the row is filled, google assigns it an ID number

Thanks for your valuable time.

Hi Paolo. You can send email notifications from Gravity Forms automatically, without a Zap. However, if you need the actual row from the Google Sheet (because of the formula and the ID) then you would need to automate that in Google Sheets. Because that does not integrate with Gravity Forms at that point, it would need to be worked out in Google and possibly Zapier.

It looks like it is possible to use a “new row” in a Google Sheet as a trigger in Zapier:

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You mean Google Sheets? :sweat_smile:

Yes! I updated my text. Sorry about that.

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Thanks for the answers guys.

one more query, is it possible to create an automatic consecutive number in each record?

That is, each record has an automatically assigned number, for example if Maria is the first to register Maria will have the number 1, if Juan is the second to register Juan will have number 2 assigned automatically and so on with each record.

Thank you.

Zapier seems to be costly,
You can recommend Gravity Forms Google Sheet Connector

You can also try the FREE version from here

Hope it helps!

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