Onedrive/Google Drive integration

I was wondering if there is any native (or free) way to integrate gravity form and either google drive or onedrive? I tried the dropbox one, but there are some issues I have with it (can’t change the destination folder to be higher on the file tree). Thanks!

If you have a Pro or Elite license, you can use the Zapier add-on to send files wherever you like. Here’s one explanation for Google Drive and our Zapier add-on:

If you don’t have a Pro or Elite license, that won’t be an option. Are you trying to send the files that are submitted to you, to Google Drive or One Drive? Or are you trying to send the actual submitted data from the form to one of those storage locations?

I don’t have a Zapier account and wasn’t planning on getting one just for this. I’m trying to send the files, but renamed with the information from the form, which I already figured out.