GF: Stripe + Coupon Add-Ons: Coupon Processing the Second Time in Stripe


I wonder if anyone can provide suggestions for my current challenge, which is Stripe taking off the coupon value a second time after it was initially processed through the form.

Quick Background: I am using GF-Stripe/GF-Coupon/GWiz-eCommerce Perk (love the Perks!) for subscriptions and one-time payments.

I used the snippet provided in page:, using the correct Form ID and (I believe) the correct Total Field. (btw - I understand this only works for subscriptions)

Assuming the total is $119/year and the discount is $20, leaving me $99/year + 8.25% tax for the total, which in this case is $107.17/yr…which is the number in the TOTAL field once the coupon is applied on the form.

While the entry form looks perfect, the snippet seems to get the value from the Total Field of $107.17 and takes an additional $20 when in Stripe, thus processing $87.17.

Am I missing something simple? I tried pointing the value of the snippet to the original price of $119, but that doesn’t process anything at all through Stripe (plus, that wouldn’t really work when taxes come into to equation anyways).

Thank you.