Need help in implement coupon code on (Product & Services and Subscription) with stripe

I have different payment plans in my form:
1- Full Payment - Product and Service
2- Half Payment - Recurring Payment
3- Monthly Payment - Recurring Payment

I want to implement coupon code on first payment by using this snippet.

I am facing two issues in it. One I am using One time payment and recurring payment feeds in my form but that snippet is for only recurring payment. I want to apply it on Product and Services Feed too. Second one is issue in 3rd plan.

Monthly Payment Scenario
We have two products in the form, one main product price ($244) and second one is for deposit which we used as a setup fee ($95) and as you know setup fee will be apply only first time in recurring payment. I had used the product in Recurring Amount before but coupon code only works for Form total. But when we select the Form total as recurring payment in stripe feed, first time total will be 339 & extra 95 as fee and total charged $434 and in the second recurring payment it will be charge $339.

$95 deposit + first months payment, with 8 total payments - $244 per month
First payment will be $339 and remaining will be $244

I need your suggestion is there any way to remove the 2nd product from Form total and implement that coupon code snippet for both Product and Services and Subscription.