Can someone help with a strategy? Stripe payments, but we to add in $2 for Processing fees NON REFUNDABLE

Last year, we processed about 500 transactions with our new GF registration system and Stripe. Really no issues at all, but if someone cancelled their registration, we ended up losing the fee. Only about $1.80 average but this is a non-profit, so kinda don’t want to throw away the $$$ unnecessarily.

I have Pro levels of GF and Wiz.
I might need to add the eCommerce Perk.

But still, I won’t be able to void a registration like I did last year (which basically reverses it in Stripe) because I want to keep that $2 fee.
And if I go to my Stripe dashboard and issue a refund there, then someone needs to do math to deduct the fee (which isn’t the same on every trans), so def. a point for mess up there.

Just thinking about all this crap makes me want to just throw away the $100 in Refund fees that may come up this season and in the case of refunds, just give them back the whole amount.

Any ideas?

Using just the basic fields, you could add a new single product (disable qty), give a default value of $2 and then hide the field (if you want) using “gf_invisible” in the class section. It will automatically be added to the total transaction.

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