GF Conditionals and Widget Plugins

I’m running GF 2.5.16 with WP 5.9 (problem was there with WP 5.8.3) and have run into a problem. The site and the GF forms (that use conditionals) have been running fine for years.
The site had been using the old Atahualpa theme and I have now switched to Genesis theme with the Genesis Sample child.

In the old setup, I used a plugin to add conditionals to widgets so that I could control the pages/posts that they appear (or don’t appear) on. As I said… No problems.

With the new configuration, if I activate a plugin that adds conditionals to widgets, then the pages that use a GF form that contains conditionals will not display the form. If I inspect the page, I can see that the form is there, but the form has inline css that is “display:none”.

I have tried 4 different plugins that add conditionals to widgets and they all act the same… The widget conditionals work fine.

The only way to make the form display is to deactivate the conditional plugin or edit the form to remove the conditionals.

I’ve seen the posts about GF forms with conditionals having problems due to javascript errors/conflicts.

I have checked and I see no php errors, no WordPress Debug errors, nor do I see any errors in my browser Console (either Chrome or Firefox)

Any idea how to get around this problem so that I can have widget conditionals AND GF Forms with conditionals?


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