GF checkbox populating a map pre-submission

Interesting situation I cannot find a solution for anywhere on Github, Forums, or Custom Plugins so I’m coming here now lol.

I have a form that has a list of cities, when you check a city, it opens a multi-list of neighborhoods inside that city. I have all the longitude and latitude for all the neighborhoods, and my goal is that when I select a neighborhood from the multi-list - it will drop a market on a map. I’m not married to google maps, I can use any map, but I’ve just had an incredibly tough time finding a solution.

Wanted to see if anyone here has done this before or a similar challenge - because I’m almost ready to put it on the market to see if anyone has a custom solution.

Thanks so much

Hi Tony,

Gravity Forms Populate Anything - Enable Dynamic Population - Gravity Wiz along this tutorial should work for your use case.

I hope this helps.

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