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Hello Gravity Forms community !

I have a question but let me contextualize it.
I want a form where Q1 ask for a country on earth (195) and Q2 ask for a city in this country (1000+).
The issue is that after Q1 is answered, I want to make a call to GET all cities in this country and populate Q2 this way.
The api call would not be made on gravity forms but on another tool, like Xano.

Does Gravity Forms offers the possibility to capture unfinished form responses?
If yes, can I dynamically populate a dropdown or else with the call response?

I could do it with logic, but the mapping would be too long.

Thanks a lot for the help.

Gravity Forms doesn’t provide any built-in feature to achieve the use case described.

Maybe the following third-party add-on could help: Gravity Forms Populate Anything - Enable Dynamic Population - Gravity Wiz

Thanks a lot !
Is this add-on available on the basic plan ?
Since its a third party I guess its on all plans but unsure so I ask :slight_smile:

Our licenses don’t apply to third-party add-ons. You will want to reach Gravity Wiz for information about their licenses.

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