Getting errors when enabling Akismet

I have the Akismet plugin installed, I have the Gravity Forms Akismet add-on installed, and I have enabled Akismet under Forms > Settings. However, I’m getting this error:

Gravity Forms Akismet Add-On is not able to run because your WordPress environment has not met the minimum requirements.
Please resolve the following issues to use Akismet:

  1. To use this add-on, please visit the Forms → Settings page to enable Akismet integration

What am I missing?

[EDITED 2024-01-18]:

In many cases, this is due to caching. Please try the following:

Disable and enable the Akismet integration in this manner:

  1. Turn off Akismet Integration on your Forms → Settings page.
  2. Save settings.
  3. Enable it again.
  4. Save settings.

After completing the steps above, please try clearing all caching solutions in use on the site, including plugins and server-side cache.

Hi Steven.

I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue. Include a copy of your system status report:

Open the ticket here:

Thank you.

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