Akismet honeypot field visible (triangle symbol and textarea)

I have a client site using Akismet (5.3), GravityForms ( tested with both WordPress core 6.3.2 and 6.4.1.

Akismet adds a honeypot field, named ak_hp_textarea, to the bottom of forms, which it wraps in a <p> tag that includes some inline CSS to hide it:

style="display: none !important;"

Recently this style tag is being stripped out from Gravity Forms, so the textarea is visible.

(The “triangle symbol” is actually a Greek letter delta - the Akismet label contains “&#916”)

The field is added to the forms by inject_custom_form_fields() in class.akismet.php, using this filter:

add_filter( 'gform_get_form_filter', array( 'Akismet', 'inject_custom_form_fields' ) );

I know the style attribute is still intact leaving inject_custom_form_fields()

I looked at the calls to the filter (gform_get_form_filter) in the gravityforms plugin, but it wasn’t obvious to me there was anything there that would be stripping it out.

Anyone else seen this or have suggestions for further debugging?

To confirm the honeypot field is correctly hidden for ordinary post comment forms, it’s just the Gravity Forms that have the issue.

I’ve worked around this for the time being by patching the Akismet plugin so it includes a class attribute that I can hide with standard CSS.